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Loving the……

Posted: 31/08/2013 in FYI, Life

feedback.  I thought for a time that my Blog has been to simple.  The ideas, the techniques, the recipes.  Well, I was wrong.  I do things in my room so automatically.  That I forget these little tricks need to be shared.  The phrase I use “Let it talk” meaning to let the your creation do what it needs to.  Whether it be a simple Pico de Gallo having to sit and talk to have all the flavor that it can, to a Soup needing to talk.  To so much more……
I thank you.  I will work on not second guessing my posts and just go for it.

food when you don’t feel well or are sick?

wpid-20130829_192914.jpgMy Guy’s is Ramen.  Chicken Ramen to be exact.  Not the good version.  Just the everyday 4 for a dollar kind.  And he eats it funny.  Well, at least to me it’s odd.  He breaks it up into little tiny pieces before it is cooked.  Please don’t get me wrong.  He is the most amazing person I know.  Everyone has quirks 🙂

imageI am a traditionalist. I love the slurp!

Maybe I’ll share my go to food?  Do you want to know what it is?  Or do you already think you know what it is?

Til next time…I’m going to go and see how My Guy is feeling.

I just realized after I had thought I was ready to post this that this could become the Great Ramen Debate…….Ok, why not I’m game are you?

FYI:  How many servings in a package of Ramen?  no cheating now………:)



I had Grilled a London Broil and had some leftover. So what could be simpler. Chop up my remaining Peppers and an over Ripe Tomato. Add a splash of Worcestershire Sauce and crush up a clove or 2 of Garlic. Cook til tender DONE


We know I am avoiding Rice due to the acceptance of processing Rice with Arsenic. Yes, I know Arsenic is  naturally occurring, but I don’t agree with using it to process foods. What I have found out researching is that you can cook Brown Rice like Pasta in large quantities of Water and Drain. I have also found a new to me favorite grain FARRO.  A simple way to try Farro is to get a  microwaveable  90 second pouch at Target.


I’m back……

Posted: 26/08/2013 in Zen Kitchen

I am so sorry. I had to replace my Router this weekend. It’s done and I will be posting this evening.

Thanks for sticking around.



I had written about $5 lunches in my area. I know I should pack my lunches. I pack My Guy’s every weekday. Oh Well, such is life 🙂 For those of you new to my Blog. I am a Flexatarian. I eat everything but, I eat more Vegetarian than most. I needed FOOD today. I could have gone to one of the 2 places I wrote about. I went to the 3rd. YUM. Pictured (from top left going clockwise) Spinach, Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas), Greek Salad and Tabbouleh. Served with warm Yummy Pita.

Now, I could be mean and have you guess the price. NAH, this beautiful fresh healthy lunch cost a whopping $4.

And YUMMY it is.

Til next time……back to work