Having a say….

Posted: 14/07/2013 in and Everything else, FYI, Life

I have written more of what others want over the last year than I have shared what I have to say.  But this evening I am going to have my say.

People, get real.  Stand up against  Genetically Modified Organism’s (GMO’s).  Just get up and STAND UP for your health and well being.  Stand up and be aware of the purchases you make.  Stand up, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!

I will be sharing, to the best of my ability, as I go forward and adding as many links in my posts as possible to assist you in making educated decisions.


The major Conglomerates that control the food you eat have people that just spend their time working on how to spin the crap they need to dispose of,  to make you want it.  I spend an average of $40 a week at the Farmer’s Market on produce, plants and treats for 3 Adults. We pig out on fresh YUM.  I realized the other day what I haven’t shared with you.  The produce from the Farmer’s Market, with no special treatment, lasts 3 times longer or more than the food from your local Supermarket.  Why you ask?  Because the average Apple from a Supermarket  has been around for 3-7months. YES!!!!! I oops’d like we all have and forgot I had purchased some Asparagus a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise it still looked and tasted better than any I have purchased from a Supermarket.

The produce and treats from your local Farmer’s Market were picked and/or made within days, if not hours, of you purchasing it.  Go figure.

I will continue to show you that it is less expensive and better for you to purchase from your local farmer’s and to support your choices from a grassroots level than to get sucked into the mass marketing of the conglomerates that are attempting to control our lives.  It just as fast if not faster to prepare something fresh than it is to open a box or go to a Drive-thru. We eat everything all those wonderful childhood comfort foods can be made simply and more nutritiously sound once you learn the tricks.

Til tomorrow…..I am going to my room 🙂

This week some tricks and pics.

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