Farmer’s Market Finds

Posted: 13/05/2013 in Bonjour la Parisienne Bakery, Farmer's Market Finds, FYI, Garden, New Finds

Second Farmer’s Market of the Season (11, May).

Strawberries (YUM), more Baguettes, Rye Bread (OH MY), Dragon Plant (yet to be planted), Sesame Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Croissants, Spring Onions, Chive Cheddar, Cheese Dip and Key Lime Pie.

Every week I am going to introduce my Farmer’s Market Vendors. You have heard and know about my passion for Bonjour La Parisienne Bakery. The Yummiest Baked goods.

This week I would like to share Bakery 314- They have Jams, Buckles (which I now know are what I call Cobblers or Crisps), and terrific Pies. We have purchased 2 Pies (so far) the first was a Strawberry/Rhubarb this week a Key Lime. They sell 2 sizes. Which for me ROCKS. I love the smaller to munch on with my Guy on Saturday evenings watching Dr. Who. You can find them at…go check them out, terrific YUM !!!!!

FYI- Sorry once again. Yes, I will be posting the Market on Sundays as soon as my Host gets their act together.

Looking forward this Saturday to more Strawberries, Zucchini and more…….

Til next time…..Enjoy

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