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Posted: 26/02/2013 in Zen Kitchen
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getting closer. Books are being read. Research is getting done. Themes are being checked out. Cross your fingers. I should be back and in my room sometime next week. I am Yelping this week. I am going to make a final decision on a theme and a host over the next few days or so.

Does anyone have any input I am  looking at WordPress, but there is something about Tumbler that is tempting me??? Ideas welcome.

til ???? soon

During the past……

Posted: 19/02/2013 in LA Girl, Life
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year of this idea of mine.  I forgot something.  This is my Blog, my sharing with you.  That doesn’t mean I will ignore the terrific advice.  It just means I need to not edit my thoughts.  I have definite opinions on food, nutrition and life.  This hiatus is difficult.  I want to post  I want to write.  It has taken me it seems like forever to find a natural medium to write.  I have attempted various writing techniques or should I say tools to express my thoughts.  I do my best writing in the wee hours before dawn, and by just dumping my thoughts.  I have attempted placing writing implements on my nightstand.  I have attempted various recorders, which might have worked.  After these experiments and a year of a Blog I have found what works for me.  Through the support of a couple people to get me into the 21st Century  I have purchased a custom designed laptop.  My thoughts just flow through my fingers.  I love it. Yes, of course there is editing after the fact.  But it just feels so good to be able to dump my thoughts.  My favorite feature of my treasure is a lit keyboard.  It makes it so I don’t disturb my Guy with my odd writing times.  I also have a major computer pet peeve which would be argued by both my Guy and Son. I HATE SOUND in regards to computers.  Beeps, Rings….Alerts of any sort.  I have an IPod  loaded with books and music.  Headphones Please.

The original idea for my blog was my food.  Ok, that’s good, one problem, I don’t use recipes.  I don’t know how to write a recipe.  Oh yeah, I don’t want to write recipes.  I will of course do this out of love. But you have to bear with me for this is not natural for me.  I shop for gorgeous produce and go from there. Late November til the beginning of May are the most difficult for me. No Farmer’s Market. No ease of finding beautiful flavorful produce. And don’t say “What about Whole Foods”.  No way, not going to happen.  Spend a few minutes Googling Whole Foods.  You might walk away with a different impression than they present.

I have definite opinions.  I don’t listen to American Nutrition Propaganda.  The people I listen to, read what they have to say, and the very few that have TV shows are Canadian, English, Australian, and a few choice others.

I was sent a survey from a trusted nutritionist I noticed that I had a difficult time answering. I don’t eat nor cook like the so called average American. My meals are simple all the ingredients are pronounceable.  It is simple.  It is faster than a Drive-thru or Microwave.

Think about your first memories of food.  The aroma, where you were, who was preparing it. We all have that favorite food that a special loved one makes.  Whether it is your Mom, Dad or Great Aunt second removed (HaHa)…….the guy down the street when you were a kid.  I am sure you get the idea.  I have mine and as this idea evolves I will be sharing these and where I came from when it comes to food…….

til the next time…….enjoy every bite and smell 🙂


Posted: 16/02/2013 in Zen Kitchen

The last few days have been a mix of feelings.  I miss sharing my ideas and food at the same time I miss being able to have the time to read and learn more about my love of food and the origins of the foods we eat.  So, please continue to bear with me through this transition.  Yes, I am playing in my room.  Yes, I am reading.  Yes, I am exploring.  Yes, I am making changes.  YES, YES, and YES……..

This weekend I am making Grilled Mahi Mahi and Swordfish, served with Tri-Color Quinoa and Roasted Asparagus.  A Vegan Cream of Asparagus Soup (VEGAN or VEGETARIAN, it is also GLUTEN-FREE). Please don’t let those 2+ words scare you away.  It is YUMMY, SATISFYING and just DAMN  GOOD!!!

Just a tease…… looking forward.

I promise to share some treasures from this break.

I was all ready to load new images and to write tonight. But of course electronics and I are not in agreement. I once again have been having issues with my host. I was going to announce this in a future post, but I realize the time is right.

I am taking a hiatus for a few weeks. FoodisZen will be making a appearance again with a new host and more. I have been greatly disappointed with the host I chose. I have ideas, plans and more that I want to be able to share. FoodisZen will still be up. You will be able to search and comment as always. I will occasionally be posting. I will always be aware of any comments and questions you  ask and please continue to comment and ask questions. I have a pile of books to read and lots of research to do. I am working with Farm to Fork Loudon, Fairfax area Farmer’s Markets coordinator and more.

Let me remind you commenting is easy. Just write, skip all the obstacles.

Til ??????? enjoy

Just a HI………

Posted: 12/02/2013 in Zen Kitchen

I have added a new badge. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution !!!!!!!

more in a couple…..lots to share with you 🙂