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Posted: 28/01/2013 in Dairy-free, FYI, Gluten-Free, Omnivour, Recipes, Zen Kitchen

My Guy loves Soups and Stew those are his comfort go to eats. So this weekend I made a simple flexible Stew. I don’t use my Crock Pot very often,. So first I had to dig it out 🙂


2-4 lbs. good quality meat. I used a lean Beef roast. Venison, Lamb……use what you and yours like.

1 pint can of Foster’s Lager

Worcestershire Sauce to taste

Now for the Vegetables. This is what I used. Please remember “Recipes are Road Maps, Make them your own”

3-4 med. Red Potatoes

3 small Onions

2 small Turnips- they cook up extremely sweet

1 med. Rutabaga – make sure to peel it well. They dip them in wax for shipping and storage.

4-5 Carrots- I had a bag of Organic Baby Carrots on hand

6-7 Brussel Sprouts

2 small purple Kohlrabi

Cut all Vegetables to approximately the same size.


I have made this with different combinations of Vegetables. This is what I had and it worked out wonderful. My Guy didn’t think he liked a couple of the ingredients. He didn’t pick anything out, he just ate with gusto.

I cooked the Beef in Beer for a about 3 hours on High. I added a generous amount of Worcestershire and let it cook for a couple more hours while I went to run a couple errands. When I got back I went to check on it and it was falling apart,  YEAH. This wasn’t my plan but I just rolled with it. I removed the meat from the Crock pot  and added the Vegetables that would take the longest to cook. Kohlrabi, Turnips, Rutabaga, half the Carrots and the Onions. I added the Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts and the rest of the Carrots  a little later.


I have enough leftovers to have a couple Dinners this week. Not sure yet what they might be. One night will be this wonderful comfort just reheated. That will be even better the second time. Maybe depending on how much meat there is after that I might make Enchiladas or at least Taquitos….we’ll see.

Til tomorrow……..Enjoy

FYI- commenting isn’t a pain anymore….just skip the third degree and comment away. Hope to her from you 🙂

  1. foodiszen says:

    It’s simple and the leftovers are great!


  2. Tonia says:

    Kevil, this looks so good & would be good for a cold day like today.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it works…….no third. Degree


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