Posted: 16/01/2013 in Life

it sure has been a rough couple of weeks.  Between my going through a horrible illness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  To taking our gorgeous elder cat to the Vet.  Hoping against hope that she just had some sort of infection. Only to find out she has a Heart Murmur,  and enlarged Kidney,  possible Pancreatic and  Liver issues.  Now, mind you she is almost 18 years old.

The  Vet trips started on Thursday morning.  Then back again to pick her up that evening.  Friday morning back to the Vet and Friday evening picking her up to be with us at home.  The Vet said she probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend.  We made her comfortable and gave her Meds to ease the pain and one to make her hungry.  I got to administer the Meds and food.  YEAH!  My Guy and My Son got to cuddle her and love her while I am forcing her mouth open and squirting stuff down her throat.  Oh well, we are a team 🙂  We hoped that she would gently pass in the night and that is what happened in the wee hours of Monday morning.  To say the least it was a long and emotional weekend 😦


Our Gorgeous Chloe -sleeping

A couple months ago I had lost my 17+ year old cat Maxx .  He was running around the house and just having fun and he bit into a small electrical wire and was electrocuted.  It seemed that after that Chloe changed some how.  She never liked Maxx. It had taken us months to get them to even be in the same place together.  But maybe Maxx was what kept her going.  She did have to keep and eye on him, he was in HER house 🙂


and Our Muppy Cat Maxx – sleeping   (Muppy Cat, he was more like a Dog than a Cat)

I have never been without a pet.  We have decided for now to pack up all the Cat things and to throw out the litter boxes etc. and to be pet-less for the moment.  I don’t have a timeline on when that will change.  But,  I can tell you that it will. I want 2 teenage cats.  You know what I mean?  When they are not Kittens anymore,  but along way from being Adults.  All leggy and awkward.  Yes,  they will be rescues.  Preferably related,  or at least raised together.  I would like the largest possible domestic Cats to be found.  Mokave’s would be nice,  but not easily found as rescues.

til tomorrow……just wanted to share

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