Looking at a Salad Bar in a different way………

Posted: 15/01/2013 in Playing with your food, Weekday lunches
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I usually do this on Thursdays since that is when they have Baked Potatoes downstairs in the Cafe’.  But I noticed that today they had Tuna Salad with Elbow Macaroni on the Salad Bar.  HUMMMMMM. I can work with that.  A scoop of Tuna Salad,  some diced Tomatoes,  Sweet Peas,  Broccoli and a generous splash of Cholula.  Yep, that will work.


I placed the finds into a Glass container and microwaved it for 3.21 minutes.  I have a thing for odd numbers.  Out came a warm and comforting hearty lunch on a cold and drizzly day.


Til tomorrow………………..:)

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