No, I haven’t disappeared……….

Posted: 07/01/2013 in Life, Zen Kitchen

I decided that I needed to catch this massive bug that has been around for 6 months or so. And the really yucky thing about this is that I don’t get sick. Ok, maybe a cold here and there, but nothing like this.  The good news is that it took me 6 months to catch and only a few days to make it disappear. Feed that fever, sweat it out, drink lots of fluids. Then drink some more and SLEEP. I have been  not been able to accomplish even the most minor of tasks. Our Fridge is looking bare. Don’t laugh 🙂  There is a good side to this I get to start all over this coming weekend. I mean from the staples on up. As I am gathering together my list for this weekend’s grocery store trip I will share it with you. So that you have more insight to what I/We consider staples.

til tomorrow……I’m looking for another movie to curl up and watch

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