Posted: 04/01/2013 in FYI, Zen Kitchen
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year I make a bet with myself on what the next DIET push will be. I usually get it right. This year’s surprised me . Get the Wheat Out and you will feel better. All your Belly Fat will disappear. Yes n No. It isn’t eating grains. Grains have a purpose. What the problem is the chemicals used  to make Super Crops. The mass processing of Grains that take the nutrients out of them. Yes, beware of the Grains you choose. Yes, look for alternatives. Your Body processes Carbs and Proteins at different rates. Eat your Crabs without or with a very small amount of Protein. Eat your Protein with little or no Carbs. My lunches consist of Fruit and/or Veggies with Protein. This gives me energy and I don’t feel like I need  nap after lunch. Yes, I break the rules. Yes, I regret it when I break them.  I save my Carbs for my evening meal. They calm me and I relax. They take a longer time to process when combined with protein.

Ok, I have ranted. or maybe I am just having my say 🙂 As I move forward there will be more on food combinations, alternatives to the Grab n Run mentality we have become accustom to.  The ease of eating fast n healthier. And yes as I have said I break the rules. I will share more about My Guy and that he hasn’t forfeited anything he loves in regards to food.

more tomorrow……

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