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Posted: 27/12/2012 in FYI, Trader Joe's, Vegan, Weeknight YUM, Zen Kitchen
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getting ready for the Holidays. It’s Trader Joes to the rescue. This simple vegetarian meal is 100% from TJ’s.

A favorite comfort meal for My Guy is Pesto Tortellini. He would always grab Annie’s in the frozen food department. I have nothing against Annies products. I grab them for a fast lunch occasionally. But, for a little more and I mean just a little more  I can make twice as much.


The Tortellini comes in a few different filling choices. This is what I had in the Pantry.


This Bread is a bargain, at around $1.50 for a package of 2 loaves. It freezes well and it takes minutes to bake. What could be better than the smell of fresh baked bread anytime?


I have shared this Pesto in the past. If I don’t make my own this is my go to Pesto.


I love Pine Nuts, but to say they are pricey would be an understatement. But at Trader Joe’s they are reasonable and the bag is larger than I have ever been able to find in a local Supermarket. A great value.


Al-dente cooked Tortellini being finished with 1/2-1 jar of Pesto.


The finished Dinner. I added a pinch or more of Fresh Shaved Parmesan and the Beautiful Dry Roasted Pine Nuts.

Til tomorrow….Enjoy

FYI-Dry Roasted Nuts. Heat a Skillet to a medium temperature. Add Nuts. Toss/Stir every minute or so. Keep a close eye on them, they will burn quickly. Dry Roasting nuts brings out the oil and the flavor. I dry roast Pine Nuts, Almonds pretty much every nut I use for toppings on everything from Pasta Dishes to Salads.

Can't wait to hear from you

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