A Special Birthday Treat………

Posted: 19/12/2012 in Dairy-free, Zen Kitchen
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My Guy’s Daughter’s Birthday is coming up and I know what that means. Raspberry Cheesecake. There is one catch it is Dairy-Free and it will fake anyone and everyone. Last year we jointly decided not to tell her Grandparents that it was Dairy-free. That turned into a bit of a funny situation. They loved it so much and now know she loves Cheesecake,  that her Grandmother buys her Cheesecakes. Which she can’t eat. OOPPPSS 🙂


Prior to Baking. I also made 6 Tarts for us. So she could have the Cheesecake to herself 🙂 And she loved it! YEAH


The Raspberries were so Gorgeous this year that I probably went a bit overboard with them. I am not sharing this recipe for the time being. Put please feel free to contact me and I will email it to anyone that requests it.

Til tomorrow……enjoy

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