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Posted: 17/12/2012 in Good Eats Out, Life
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Saturday running errands, Christmas and Birthday Shopping.  My Guy and I are such an awesome team. I put together the list of ideas.  Some ideas were kept, others were changed in the course of the day . But that’s the way it happens.  We are done.  I am spoiled by the fact that My Guy does the wrapping.  If it was up to me everything would be in Gift Bags with Tissue paper.

We even treated ourselves to a nice lunch out at one of my favorite Breakfast/Lunch spots First Watch.  If you haven’t check out First Watch, please do and read my Yelp.   I don’t know about you, but I am really good about eating and drinking (Green Tea and Water) during the week.  Not so good about it on the Weekends.  We do attempt to at least have Breakfast before running out the door, and something later in the day.  So I was impressed we ate 3 meals on Saturday.  I didn’t do so good on Sunday though.  I did spend most of Sunday playing in my room.  Which you would think would have been conducive to at least snacking.

I made Tomato Soup, Fresh Coleslaw, a Dairy-free Raspberry Cheesecake and Tarts, a terrific Grilled Chicken Salad with Home-made Croutons and even packed our respective lunches for today. Leftover Grilled Chicken Salad for me.  A Turkey Sandwich, Leftover Coleslaw and Tomato Soup for My Guy.

Recipes to follow this week.

FYI- Comment Please.  No need to enter your e-mail just comment away.   A name or nick-name is more than welcome.

Til Tomorrow……I am going to my room 🙂

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