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Posted: 31/12/2012 in FYI, Life, Zen Kitchen

update.  Thank you to all. This past year has definitely been a learning experience.  I started this idea for a few reasons.  Here are a few of them.

1- to challenge myself.

2- to share my Zen (everyone has one) What’s yours?

3-  to share the tips n tricks I have learned over the years.  That I thought were common knowledge and have found out they aren’t.

4- to spend time playing in my Room.

5- to show that you can eat real food and lose weight and feel good.

Ok, those are my top 5.

Changes are happening to FoodisZen. It and I will continue to evolve. Looking forward to the New Year.



FYI- the commenting feature is just that. No login necessary. Just comment away.

feed back please……This is a work in progress

getting ready for the Holidays. It’s Trader Joes to the rescue. This simple vegetarian meal is 100% from TJ’s.

A favorite comfort meal for My Guy is Pesto Tortellini. He would always grab Annie’s in the frozen food department. I have nothing against Annies products. I grab them for a fast lunch occasionally. But, for a little more and I mean just a little more  I can make twice as much.


The Tortellini comes in a few different filling choices. This is what I had in the Pantry.


This Bread is a bargain, at around $1.50 for a package of 2 loaves. It freezes well and it takes minutes to bake. What could be better than the smell of fresh baked bread anytime?


I have shared this Pesto in the past. If I don’t make my own this is my go to Pesto.


I love Pine Nuts, but to say they are pricey would be an understatement. But at Trader Joe’s they are reasonable and the bag is larger than I have ever been able to find in a local Supermarket. A great value.


Al-dente cooked Tortellini being finished with 1/2-1 jar of Pesto.


The finished Dinner. I added a pinch or more of Fresh Shaved Parmesan and the Beautiful Dry Roasted Pine Nuts.

Til tomorrow….Enjoy

FYI-Dry Roasted Nuts. Heat a Skillet to a medium temperature. Add Nuts. Toss/Stir every minute or so. Keep a close eye on them, they will burn quickly. Dry Roasting nuts brings out the oil and the flavor. I dry roast Pine Nuts, Almonds pretty much every nut I use for toppings on everything from Pasta Dishes to Salads.

Christmas and we are done……YEAH. Now, for the wrapping and thankfully that isn’t my job. Paper Bags anyone?

I have lunch food to get together and pack up into my go everywhere cooler. I am  doing this as simple and YUMMY as possible. I don’t know about you but this Holiday Season snuck up on me. I am going to make Coleslaw and Fresh Brewed Coffee. We went to the Honey Baked Store and picked up some Roasted Turkey and of course Honey Baked Ham. I also grabbed some fresh rolls. See simple 🙂

more about food tomorrow and yes pictures. I am running away to the movies. It’s playtime and we deserve some of that.

Happy Holidays and remember to make those phone calls, send those e-mails and to give and receive a whole lot of HUGS.

til tomorrow…..enjoy

Salad Bar. It’s Baked Potato Day here at work. It is getting cold outside and Salad doesn’t always sound good in colder weather.


So, I got a Potato and I  raided the Salad Bar for  whatever veggies looked and sounded good. Today I found Peas, Green Beans, Grape Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Carrots. And of course a generous splash of Cholula.


Steamed the Veggie mixture in the Microwave for a minute or so. There you go another look at the Salad Bar.

Til Tomorrow….enjoy