This LA……….

Posted: 18/11/2012 in Zen Kitchen
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Girl had an itch after we got home from the Farmer’s Market this morning . This itch had to wait until later in the afternoon though. But, OH MY it was worth the wait.


Once I finished my errands and realized I was hungry. OK, I own up getting cranky. I roasted a few of the Poblanos we got this morning. Raided the Freezer for a Tortilla and the Fridge for some Rice Cheese.  A warm Tortilla, A fresh roasted Poblano and the gooey yum of Cheese (OK, I know Rice Cheese. It’s good). Nothing like it for this girl.

til tomorrow………I’m off to my room.

FYI= Tortillas freeze extremely well. Just be gentle in the defrosting. Preferably take the time for them to get to room temperature on their own. Realistically use the defrost setting on your Microwave and take it 15 seconds at a time.

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