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Just an FYI

Posted: 30/11/2012 in Fun Finds, FYI, New Finds

Check this out. I have added a new link to my home page ” Daily Grommet”.  I stumbled across this site and I had to share it. I have already ordered couple of things and I can’t wait to receive them so I can share my treasures.

Daily Grommet

Went and checked….

Posted: 28/11/2012 in FYI, New Finds, Zen Kitchen

out a new store in the area”Big Lots”. It’s an experience. You definitely need to know prices, brands and quality. I did find that I will probably use this store for seasonal items. I did find a new Bowl for my ever growing collection.


This beautiful large bowl comes in 3 colors. Black, Red and White. Cost $19 at Big Lots. Nice find !!!!

FYI- Several of the items such as Electronics are refurbished. Example a cool/warm mist Humidifier was a refurbished item.

Til tomorrow 🙂

over the last 9 months I have learned my strengths and challenged myself. I am expanding on the original concept of Foodiszen.

I own up, my weakness is measuring. Where with  timing. I just know. There is nothing else I can say. For those of you ,learning and experimenting. Please take my ideas and run with them.The concepts are sound.

I will continue to share techniques and recipes. From the  healthy eating aspect of” HEY, have you tried this ?”

I will continue and expand on Living Local. Critiquing local business’ in the Northern Virginia Area. On my Blog and also, on Yelp.

I will be sharing more neat Kitchen finds and where you can purchase them.

I look forward to your comments regarding these changes and the neat stuff I will be sharing.

Til tomorrow…..I am off to see what neat things I can find for my room and you.


isn’t he cute ?????


this picture is for my Terrific Recipe Editor. She is the Best.  Cranberries Rule 🙂


To all enjoy your day. Eat, Play, Talk, Listen and Please be safe.

I am also going to go and play,talk, listen and just breathe for the next few days. Til Monday( 26,November).

Be Thankful…….I am

Roast Peppers in an Electric Stove.  I know, but as I have written in the past and will continue to write about are my trying, yet wonderful learning experiences learning to cook on an Electric Stove. I bought some beautiful Poblano  Peppers  on the last day of my local Farmer’s Market. As I posted yesterday I had to eat a few as soon as I could.


This is simpler than I thought. My stove has 2 Broil settings. Hi and Low. I placed the Peppers directly on the rack and chose Low Broil. I also placed an old pan on the bottom of my oven just in case one of the fell or exploded. When or if you decide to do this keep an eye on the Peppers (ok, nose). They came out really nice and Oh my, YUMMERS. I cooked 3 and then yesterday I cooked 4 more.

Til tomorrow………I am off to go play in my room.