It’s Soup………..

Posted: 11/10/2012 in Farmer's Market Finds, Recipes, Soups, Trader Joe's, Zen Finds
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Tomato Pesto Soup

(simple and fast)

1 box Organic Vegetable Stock- I use low-sodium and I am not brand loyal to this product, YET. I had one I liked and now it can’t be found.

Chop up some Tomatoes– whatever you have around. I used (this time) some different Heirloom, Cherry, Grape and other various ones I had around. I know now you are going to ask how many or much. I don’t have a clue. 2-3 cups or more

½ a Sweet Pepper diced small

A forkful or more Trader Joe’s Pesto- now,  this is if you don’t want to make your own. It is one of the best and for the price it is the best.

More Basil, never too much, but do make sure to up the Garlic also. I have been getting the freshest mildest Garlic this year at my local Farmer’s Market.


Stove top making of this Soup you are probably going to want to use an immersion blender or maybe just put ½ of it when done in your Blender. I was given the Cuisinart Soup Maker (pictured) and it has 3 heat selections. It makes it so I can throw this soup together anytime with ease.

Blend but have a few chunks in it. This is not a creamy heavy soup, but it is so packed with flavor it will surprise you.

This is a regular request from My Guy for lunch on the weekends and during the week. I love its simplicity and flavor. Oh, I probably shouldn’t forget that it’s good for you!

til tomorrow….I am off to play in my room 🙂

Can't wait to hear from you

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