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Check out my talented guys…….


My Son and My Guy are the Talent in our home. I get the job of cleaning, prepping and roasting the seeds. Oh and the eating of said seeds.

Hope everyone has a Ghouly good time this All Hallows Eve.

Pumpkin Seed Roasting

Pre-heat your oven to 350-365 Degrees

Toss your Seeds with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Place them in a single layer on a Cookie Sheet and Bake

Times will very due to the size and moisture in the Seeds. Check by eating one after about 10 minutes. Keep checking every couple of minutes. They burn easily and quickly.

Let cool and enjoy. I store the seeds in a Mason Jar. Sealed using my Food-saver.

Til tomorrow…..

FYI- Pumpkin Seeds roast better and are crunchier if you let them dry for 24 hours.

continues to barrage us with wind and rain. I am playing in my room to make sure there is prepared food to take to My Guy’s Parents just in case and also to relax. We forgot to pick up Ice just in case of s power outage. So, we have been bagging what we can from our freezer. I have made Stuffed Zucchini. Also a layered version. Made Chicken Broth for a simple Veggie Soup, Grilled a few Steaks for a Dinner or 2, Chicken Salad (my guy’s favorite. OK, one of his),  Breakfast 2 mornings in  row.


My Guy and I eat opposite for Breakfast. He likes to fuel his day with Carbs, I’m a Protein Girl. He has gotten to enjoy pancakes made from Trader Joe’s Multi-Grain Baking Mix. Which is really good and light for those of you hesitant to try it. I myself am not a pancake fan. Occasionally, I will have one when I make them and I eat mine with a Good Berry Jam of some sort.


So, I have made a gently cooked Egg with Fresh Pico de Gallo.  I’ve also  had  plain Greek Yogurt with Kashi Go Lean.  I had never tried Kashi Go Lean before. My Son wanted it when we were out the other day. So, why not give is a shot. I have to admit it fueled my morning.


til tomorrow……Be Safe 🙂

Stuffed Zucchini and a Layered version


Pictured:Garlic, Shallots, Sweet Peppers, an Heirloom Tomato and an extremely large Zucchini.

I have been thinking about the fact that most of my recipes can be made in various ways.  The following can be made Vegetarian (includes Dairy and Eggs) and Vegan(Absolutely No Animal Products). Just omit the Meat from the Quinoa Recipe and the Cheese for the Vegans before baking. Rice Cheese would work as a terrific substitute. It melts well, unlike Tofu Cheese. I also, made this 2 different ways. I had an enormous stuffable Zucchini and I realize those aren’t readily available. So, I also made it layering the ingredients in a Loaf Pan.

Ingredients (I used)

A small amount of Good Quality Ground Meat (for the Omnivours)

1-2 cups  Quinoa or really any Grain you want. I use Quinoa for a couple of reasons. It is a Protein and there are some what I consider issues with the level of Arsenic acceptable in Rice.

A Large Tomato or the equivalent of.

A handful of Shallots or 2-3 Spring Onions

2 Sweet Peppers

2-3 Cloves of Garlic

A simple healthy Marinara. I always have a few different varieties of Trader Joe’s Marinara in my pantry. It is inexpensive and Yummy.

Cheese (for the Omnivours and Vegetarians). I used a fresh shaved Parmessan.


In a large skillet, drizzle some Olive Oil and warm to a medium temperature. Chop up the Tomato, Sweet Peppers, and Shallots. Mince the Garlic Cloves and add to the warm Oil. Saute a couple minutes and then add the Tomato, Peppers and Shallots. If you are using Ground Meat cook this first in the Skillet and then add and saute the chopped ingredients.

Add the 1-2 cups of Quinoa. Stir well add 2 cups of Water stir again, place a lid on the Skillet and lower the Temperature to a low simmer. Stirring occassionally. You will know when the Quinoa is done it will open and fluff up.

While this is cooking. Wash and trim the end off of your Zucchini. If you have been lucky enough to find a large one cut it length wise and scoop out the seeds. If you are using regular sized Zucchini slice it thinly.


Let the skillet mixture cool  just enough that you can handle it. Be careful don’t let it set out and cool very long!


Mound the skillet mixture on the Zucchini. pour some of the Marinara Sauce (of your choice, homemade would be best, but that doesn’t always happen to be on hand). Add a healthy amount of Parmesan.


Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees. I used a foil lined cookie sheet and another piece of foil as a  tent. Use a Fork to check if it is done, the Zucchini  will be tender.



Now for the layered version.The only rel prep difference for this version is to thinly slice the Zucchini.


Spray Loaf Pan with Olive Oil. I use Trader Joe’s. Place a layer of Zucchini, then Skillet mixture, Marinara and repeat. Top off with Marinara and the Shaved Parmesan. Same Temperature and time as for the Stuffed version.

This versatile simple dish, heats up, is packable for lunch, can be made ahead of time, can be customized to your tastes and food choices. Any Grain will work. Bulgar, Farrow and even Rice.

Til tomorrow………I am going to my room 🙂

FYI- please feel free to contact my through my Blog or at

BE SAFE!!!!!!!

Well, here we go…..

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getting ready for the next Storm of the Century. I have been running errands, playing in my room. I have made various things that will be ready to eat hot or cold. My guy has been making sure his parents are prepared and explaining that we might not be able to just come rushing over. I do have things ready for him to run  over depending on how and when this storm hits us. It took me about a half an hour to get gas this morning, which doesn’t sound like  that long and it  wouldn’t have been if it hadn’t been for the Fools blocking both pumps.. And no I didn’t even attempt a Grocery Store. Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s and my son and I ran over to Wally World (Walmart). Yes, I forgot a few things. Oh well we will deal.

We have Pumpkins to carve and seeds to roast and enough Candy to treat a small town.

Life goes on…..

for  my favorite night of the year. We went to the Pumpkin patch and grabbed a few Pumpkins. Now, to figure out the designs for this year.


Here are a couple from years past.


This is the first Pumpkin my guy carved for us.


and this one was a special surprise for me.  Isn’t he cute 🙂

More on Pumpkin carving and seed roasting to come…go enjoy

FYI- It is best to roast your pumpkin seeds after they have been set out for a day to dry.