I have really got to make……..

Posted: 13/09/2012 in Bonjour la Parisienne Bakery, Farmer's Market Finds, Good Morning YUM, LA Girl, Weekday lunches, Zen Kitchen

it a habit to pack food for work just like I do every evening for my guy. Monday and Tuesday this week I had an excuse for not packing food. I was working my way through a Oat Muffin from Bonjour la Parisienne Bakery. Yes, it took me 2 days. It was as always just Yummy as are of all Marko(s) baked goods.On Wednesday I just grabbed an Apple and dipped it in some Almond Butter. So, today I made a sandwich for breakfast. Ezekiel’s Bread (Gluten-free), Avocado, Applegate Natural Ham, Farmer’s Market Tomato, and a slice of Rice Cheese. I also brought some Cantaloupe to snack on.imag0660

At lunch I wandered down to the Cafe and wandered back up to my office and ate my cantaloupe. I know around 3pm I am going to want food. It’s OK, there is always and Apple(organic, remember to check the Dirty Dozen list) in my desk drawer.

Let’s see how well I do tomorrow. I do have an idea. There will be Baked Potatoes  available in the Cafe a work tomorrow, so maybe it’s time for a Salad Bar Raid in a unique way #2..sounds good to me 🙂

til tomorrow…. I’m going to my room

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