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I had a surplus of fresh Tomatoes and My Guy loves Cream of Tomato Soup. So what else can a Girl do but “Make Soup”

Dairy-free Cream of Tomato Soup

Lots of Tomatoes-all sizes, shapes and colors

2-3 New Potatoes Diced

A drizzle of Olive Oil to cook the Potatoes in til tender.

A good low-sodium Vegetable Broth (organic if you can find it, and guess what I know where to find it at your local Trader Joe’s for $1.99 a carton)



Simmer, taste, season, simmer, taste EAT

I served it with Parmesan (I know it’s Cheese) and Challah Rolls from Bonjour La Parisienne Bakery.


What a Simple, Healthy and Yes so satisfying version to that canned (nothing polite to say) Soup

til tomorrow……ENJOY

I grilled Mahi Mahi the other evening and our plans changed and the meal had to be put in the Fridge. I don’t keep Fish. So it had to be eaten the next day or thrown out. I wasn’t in the mood for how I had originally planned to serve it.

So this is what I came up with.imag0611

A Challah Roll, Roasted Poblano (of courseJ), Tomato and just a touch of Mayo

I made Anti-Helper last night and decided HUMMMM this could be a good lunch. Spinach, Healthy Tortilla, Anti-helper, Avocado, and A Roasted Poblano. Let me tell you how YUM that was, Oh MY!


For those of you not familiar with my Anti-Helper Recipe here it is.

1 plus lbs. Good Quality Hamburger or ground meat of your choice.

1 med. Sweet Pepper

1 med Onion

Chopped up

1-2 Large Tomatoes. Use what you have on hand

Brown meat and rinse. Place back into pan add the Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes. Please feel free to add anything else you might like. Ex: Corn, Beans whatever.

I added a few handfuls of Jasmine Rice. Covered the pan so everything could talk. Simple, now to Eat.

Remember what I keep telling you “Recipes are road maps not the LAW”


ok, let me explain…

Posted: 27/08/2012 in Zen Kitchen

Foodiszen is in the process of moving forward and that means some techno changes. So please bear with me as I move forward.

I am not going anywhere except to read up on how to use  my new stuff. I will return tomorrow 🙂 Now go play in your room. That’s where you’ll find. me

what recipes you want twisted and made easier, cheaper and healthier. Please feel free to contact me either through the Blog or  e-mail me at

til tomorrow….. Farmer’s  Market Finds ……..I want Apples and  Oh so much more 🙂