I own up……..

Posted: 27/07/2012 in Bonjour la Parisienne Bakery, Weekday lunches, Zen Kitchen

I am not good about packing my lunches.  I pack my guy’s every evening for the next day. I am working on at least always packing my Breakfast. That’s simple since it is usually Plain Good Greek Yogurt and some piece of fruit.

But for lunch it’s too easy to run downstairs at work and raid the Salad Bar. And that bothers me on an eco level.  Styrofoam container everyday of the work week? Now, if they would let me use my own container and calibrate for it. That would be absolutely spectacular. I tried using a container once and it was made into such a fiasco that it just wasn’t worth it.

So, I am diligently working on making my lunches.


Brought my lunch today; Multigrain Sourdough from La Parisienne Bakery, Tomato slices, Roasted Chicken and a fresh roasted Hot Pepper.

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