What to do when….

Posted: 10/06/2012 in Recipes, Simply Greek, Zen Kitchen
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You have purchased a Roasted Chicken and the plans change. I seperated the Chicken, some for Chicken Salad one of my guys most requested lunches. And the pretty parts for a fast n simple weeknight meal.imag0343

Chicken Salad My Way

This works with leftover Chicken of any kind deboned and all skin removed, if it hasn’t been already. I have even in a pinch made it with canned Chicken (rinsed extremely well).
Roughly chop the Chicken
A couple small or 1 medium Celery stalk. You decide, it’s you who is going to be enjoying this.
A pinch of crushed dried Rosemary or a bit more finely chopped fresh.
A splash of good Balsamic. Trader Joe’s has a wonderful one at a more than reasonable price for the high quality.
Enough Mayo so that it holds together. I use Kraft Olive Oil Mayo. I used to always make mine, but for 2 people it isn’t a good idea. Fresh doesn’t have a long life.
If the Chicken is on the bland side, by all means spice it up with your favorite Simply Greek blend (simplygreekfoods.com) to make your salad POP.

More variations as time goes by……..But this is a guaranteed YUM

  1. foodiszen says:

    I think you will like the the fresh flavor of this Mayo. Is it Duke’s that you like?


  2. Tonia says:

    Kevil, I usually make chicken salad as well with left over chicken but I have never tried the Kraft Olive Oil May, will have to try it the next time.


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