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Posted: 06/06/2012 in FYI, Playtime, Recipes, Simply Greek, Zen Kitchen
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request from a friend. imag0293_0This is our favorite movie time munch. I had posted a platter similar to this just a bit ago. But I neglected to tell you what all the wonderful things on the platter are.
So, let me tell you about it….
There is Fresh Challah and Rye Bread from Bonjour La Parisienne, Edam which is buttery, creamy, semi-soft cheese. If you like Gouda, then definitely give Edam a try. Cheddar and Colby-Jack Cheeses, Purple Cauliflower don’t let the color scare you. Cauliflower comes in a wide variety of colors. Tastes the same as White Cauliflower. Jazz your dishes up with color. The more color in your food the more nutrients. Broccoli which is having one of it’s best seasons yet at the Farmer’s Market, beautiful, sweet, just YUM. Celery, and uncured Salami ( to find out more about there products and where they are available in your area) The Salami is one of the best I have had, no extra stuff added, it’s just simple and good.
The dip is made of:
Greek Yogurt
Sour Cream (just a touch)
Greek Salad Seasoning (
Dill, I had fresh that needed to be used. Neat trick for Dill, Scallions, Rosemary and other fresh herbs. Use your kitchen shears. Just cut them over the bowl, no clean up. Ok, except wiping off the shears.
A splash of an acid, meaning Lime or Lemon Juice. Maybe even try a nice vinegar. White Balsamic would work nicely.
Mix well and set in the fridge to talk. While you are prepping the different things you want to put together for your movie time munch.


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