Farmer’s Market……

Posted: 20/05/2012 in Farmer's Market Finds, Life, Recipes, Zen Kitchen
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img_1215First stop of course Bonjour La Pariesiene:
Hazelnut-Chocolate Biscotti
An Almond Twist, hope my guy shares
And Croissants, of course

The end is near for Asparagus and Strawberries, this was probably the last week.
Purple Cauliflower
Yellow and Red Beets- will be roasting these later.
Broccoli- looking real good this year
Young red spring onions- you can use the whole thing.
Curly leaf cabbage- I’m going to saute it. Thinly sliced in butter and a pinch of pink salt.

From Blue Ridge Dairy. I am going to try something new, Lite Honey Greek Yogurt. I’ll let you know.

Plants, yes more plants.
Dill (a necessity) Planted it as soon as I got home.
Red Mountain Ice Plant- a really good ground cover. My philosophy the more ground cover equals less room for weeds to grow.
Hens n Chicks- it is cute
Black n Blue- Hummingbird attracter.

One, definite plan for some of these veggies. It to make cream of Asparagus n Broccoli soup. Got an itch for it.

Farmer’s Market Pizza 2 recipe to follow.



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