Cook fast, eat ….

Posted: 15/05/2012 in Life, Zen Kitchen
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I just got my copy of Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine (June issue). There is some really good food info in it. I am not a packaged food eater. I cannot make anything out of a box. It will come out just horrible. Those Lipton/Knorr pasta sides. Forget it. But, if you want
Fettuchini Alfredo. I can whip it up in minutes. From scratch. No problem. Recipe and others in the near future.

But, let’s get back to the article. If you are a fast-food junkie, are juggling so many balls in the air that you just grab whatever is handy. Then I do recommend this article.
I would reccommend that you head to the produce department and the freezer section over anything canned. Tabatchnik soups are in the freezer department and they are so so close to homemade. I bought their Chili tonight for a lunch later this week. I’ll definetly let you know.

If you can’t go fresh, go frozen.

There are a few other good food articles in the magazine. It is my favorite magazine for consumer information. Ok, it is Consumer Reports! Tomorrow more from the June issue and hummmmmm A recipe ?

Can't wait to hear from you

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