Trader Joe’s does it again

Posted: 02/05/2012 in Zen Kitchen
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Stopped by my Trader Joe’s last night. Just my ussual,pick up a few things. Well it turned into a wonderful healthy simple dinner and my lunch today.
I picked up (among other things) Balsamic ready to eat grilled chicken. It is boneless and skinless. 4 servings in a pkg. @ 100 cslories per serving.from the meat department. They have 2 other selections.
Garlic potatoes with parmessan sauce,from the frozen food department.
And let me tell you about one of my guilty pleasures……McDonald’s fries. Well no more. These potatoes are spectacular.
Now for my lunch. Baby spinach,baela(also from Trader Joe’s),sunflower seeds,peas,grape tomatoes, and the leftover grilled chicken. YUM. One change or addition that would really be good is strawberries or dried cranberries. Oh well,next time.

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