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Why is it that short weeks seem longer?
Ok, let’s change the subject to one of my many favorite things…
Chili Peppers. My Favorite to roast and eat with meats, put on my sandwich for lunch, wrap in Lavash ( slightly sweet flat bread, that can be used just like a tortilla) or a Tortilla is the Poblano. Honestly I eat them on or with pretty much anything, anytime. You never know if it is going to be mild or wonderfully warm. Ok, to people like my guy HOT.
Over the last few years I have taught myself to cook on an Electric stove. So, to say the least roasting peppers can be a challenge. I have a top broiler. I broil the peppers. It works pretty well. Key though pay attention to what you are doing. I have placed an old cookie sheet on the bottom of the oven to catch pepper juice. It happens.

Tomorrow more on learning the uniqueness of cooking on an electric stove……..til then

Soup Time…….

Posted: 30/05/2012 in Zen Kitchen
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What the New Potatoes, Kohlrabi, Purple Cauliflower, Asparagus, Broccoli and Tomato became………veganveg3
On the left my vegetable soup- creamed YUM
On the right served just the way it comes out of the pot.

I know most of you have eaten White Cauliflower and probably Red Beets. Well, these two vegetables come in a variety of colors. Don’t hesitate using or trying vegetables you are familiar with because they are a different color. The flavor and cooking techniques are the same.
Kohlrabi is a wonderful substitute for potatoes. Use it to make a simple Potatoes O’Brien.

FYI…..Kitchen Basics is one of the most flavorful vegetable stocks I have found, and I have tried numerous. It is not sodium free. But it is low in sodium naturally.


Breads from the Farmer’s Market, Celery, Cauliflower, Broccoli, cheeses, and I found nitrate/nitrite free, no antibiotics used, Genoa Salami. YEA!!!

My guy chose the movie. Being an Indy Girl. He couldn’t have chosen better. “INK”

Til Tomorrow……….


Mahi Mahi w/ Fresh Pine Nut, Basil Pesto.

Toasted Pinenuts mortar1
Rough chopped Fresh Basil
Olive Oil
Garlic and Salt to taste.

I use one of my most treasured kitchen tools, my New Zealand Mortar n Pestle, to make this pesto as well as many others things. If you don’t have a Mortar n Pestle a Food Processor or Mezzaluna will work also.

Roasted Red Potatoes w/ Snow Peas

Red Potatoes (I ussually use 2 per person)
Pre-heat oven to 365 degrees.
Olive Oil
Greek Vegetable Spice Blend (
Quarter Potatoes. Toss in a Tablespoon or so Olive Oil, Sprinkle liberally with Greek Spice.
Roast until golden and tender about 20 minutes. Set aside.

Steam Snow Peas or simply microwave for 3 minutes. Either will work fine.
When ready to serve toss together.

Grilled Asparagus seems pretty self explainatory.

Set a pretty table and serve. YUM

Tomorrow a simple n yummy anytime movie date munch.

First stop, of course Bonjour La Parisienne. Challah, Croisants, Rye, Almond Twist, The Best Sandwich Bread, and Yes, a Chocolate Muffin, Oh My YUM!! Thank you Marko(s) My Friend !

Now, to see what I can make with these wonderful, fresh ingredients…..

Here’s a Pic of things to come………and it’s dairy-free !!!!!!